Detailed information on NIPIGAS procurement areas and nomenclature groups:

Static Equipment

  • Vessels and Tanks

  • Furnaces and Heaters

  • Economizers

  • Air Cooling Units

  • Reactors

  • Columns/Towers

  • Mass Transfer Equipment

  • Heat-Exchange Equipment

  • Pressure-Reducing and Desuperheating Stations

  • Transfer Line Exchangers/ Quench Exchanger

Dynamic Equipment

  • Compressor Equipment

  • Various Drives for Compressor Equipment

  • Pump Equipment of Various Types and Purposes

  • Turbo Expanders and Turbo generators

Automation Systems

  • Instrumentation of Various Types and Purposes

  • Equipment for Automatic Process Control Systems

  • Intelligent/Smart Systems (flow meters, metering units for various fluids, etc.)

  • Security and Observation Systems

  • Fire Detection Systems

Electrical Equipment

  • Motors

  • Transformer Substations

  • LV/MV/HV Switchgears

  • Gas Insulated Switchgears

  • AC/DC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

  • Start-Control Equipment for Motors

  • Transformer Equipment, Reactors

  • Protection and Automatic Equipment

  • Lighting Equipment

  • Control Boards and Terminal Boxes

Packaged Units

  • Packaged Modular Equipment

  • Integrated Water Treatment and Purification Units

  • Dosing Packages

  • Boiler House Equipment

  • Cooling Towers

  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

  • Flare Systems

  • Thermal Treatment Units

  • Air Separation Units

  • Fire-Extinguishing Systems

  • Lifting Equipment

Steel Structures

  • Steel Structures manufactured as per final shop drawings (KMD drawings)

  • Lighting Towers, Power Transmission Line Towers

  • Steel Bore Piles

  • Studs, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Anchor Bolts, Anchor Plates, etc.

Anti-Corrosion and Fire-Retardant Coatings

  • Compositions for Passive Fire Protection of steel structures and equipment

  • Paints and Varnishes in Anti-Corrosion Systems for steel structures, pipelines, equipment and reinforced concrete structures

Pipe Products and Pipeline Fittings/Elements

  • Stainless Steel Pipes

  • Carbon Steel Pipes, Seamless

  • Carbon Steel Pipes, Welded

  • Alloyed Steel Pipes, Seamless

  • Alloyed Steel Pipes, Welded

  • Carbon Steel Pipes for External Water Supply and Wastewater Removal Systems

  • Alloyed Steel Pipes for External Water Supply and Wastewater Removal Systems

  • Pipeline Fittings/Elements, Alloyed Steel

  • Pipeline Fittings/Elements, Stainless Steel

  • Pipeline Fittings/Elements, Carbon Steel

Shut-off and Control Valves

  • Gates, Plugs, Valves

  • Valves with Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electromagnetic, Electric Actuators

  • Manually-Operated Valves

  • Self-Actuated and Driven Control Valves

  • Check Valves

  • Steam Traps

  • Safety Valves

Cables and Trays

  • Electric Cables

  • Telephone Cables

  • Control Cables

  • Wiring Cables

  • Fiber-Optic Cables

  • Cable Trays

  • Accessories for Cable Trays

Works and Services

  • Development of Project Documentation, Detailed Documentation for the core competency activities

  • Development of Project Documentation, Detailed Documentation for multi-project activities

  • Engineering Surveys

  • Engineering Services

  • Repair

  • Construction

  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair

  • Consulting, Training

  • Cleaning

  • Freight Transportation

  • Cargo Handling Operations

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