Corporate management
JSC NIPIGAS statutory fund is split into 648 351 shares with the nominal value of 0,025 RUR. 564 720 of them are ordinary shares, and 83 631 are privileged shares. 
The General Meeting of Shareholders of PJSC SIBUR Holding has resolved to pay dividends in the form of shares in JSC NIPIGAS held by PJSC SIBUR Holding. The authorised capital of JSC NIPIGAS has remained unchanged. Following the dividend accrual, none of the beneficial owners of JSC NIPIGAS will hold, directly or indirectly, a stake of over 25 percent in the company's authorised capital. JSC NIPIGAS ceases to be a subsidiary or an affiliate company within the SIBUR Group, and its financial results will no longer be presented in the financial statements of PJSC SIBUR Holding. Going forward, JSC NIPIGAS will be preparing its consolidated IFRS statements on its own. 

Board of directors

The Board of Directors is in charge of Company business strategic management in accordance with the requirements set out in Federal Law “Joint Stock Companies” and JSC NIPIGAS Bylaws. 

The Board of Directors defines JSC NIPIGAS priorities, approves annual and long-term business plans, annual investment programs, reviews financial issues and in-house control. It also issues recommendations about the stock dividend rates and their payment procedure. 

Corporate details and key documents

Full title

JSC NIPIgaspererabotka

Short title


Full company name in English

Joint Stock Company «NIPIgaspererabotka»

Short company name in English


Legal address:

Russian Federation, 625048, Tyumen region, Tyumen, 50 Let Oktyabrya-str., 14

Phone / fax

+7 3452 21-73-01 / +7 861 238-60-60 / +7 495 730-58-87


TIN / registration event code / PSRN and the date of entry to the Federal Register

2310004087 / 720301001 / 1022301597394 от 16.07.2002 г.

Federal Business Classifier / National Constituents Classifier / National Municipal classifier

00148300 / 71401372000 / 71701000001

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