2015 — 2025
Amur Gas Processing Plant (Gazprom)
Project Description

The Gazprom Amur GPP (Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk OOO is the investor and owner of the project) is under construction near Svobodny in the Amur Region of the Far Eastern Federal District.

The Amur GPP will become the largest natural gas processing enterprise in Russia and one of the largest in the world. Project capacity is up to 42 billion cubic metres of gas per year. The GPP will also include the world's largest production of helium — up to 60 million cubic metres per year. The Amur GPP will cover a total area of 853 hectares. Advanced special economic zone was created specifically for the Project.

The Amur GPP is an essential part in preparation of multi-component gas that will be delivered via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline from the Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centers built by Gazprom within the Eastern Gas Program. The GPP will strip from natural gas the following valuable components necessary for gas chemistry and other industries: methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane-hexane fraction and helium. The processed methane will be exported to China.

The construction of the plant started in 2015. NIPIGAS provides full package of works in project implementation, in particular as follows: preparation of the detailed documentation, procurement of equipment and materials, construction execution and handing over of the plant as mechanically completed to Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk.

As of today, the main process units are under construction. The infrastructure to be used during the full-scale construction has been prepared, in particular as follows: 27 km of access roads, a temporary jetty on the Zeya River, temporary buildings and structures, including temporary camps for accommodation of 16 500, 5000 and 3500 persons, and 17,5km of railroad haul from the TransSiberian Railway to the construction site.

The active phase of the construction works will take place in 2019-2020 when over 25,000 people will be mobilized. As of today, 16,000 persons work at the construction site.

Gas processing
Project Description
42  BCMPA of natural gas
Project capacity
  • до 60 MCMPA of helium
  • 2,5 MTPA of ethane
  • 1 MTPA of propane
  • 500 KMTPA of butane
  • 200 KMTPA of pentane-hexane fraction
Services rendered
  • Development of detailed documentation
  • Procurement of materials and equipment
  • Construction management
  • Design supervision