Core Principle of NIPIGAS Procurement Activities is equal partnership as a company with high activity in projects and resource requirements, with its own involvement in contractor’s development and enhancing of their capabilities, as well as precise fulfillment of commitments in terms of quantities, quality, schedule, and cost on the part of the contractors.

In the course of procurement activities, NIPIGAS conforms the following principles:

  • Efficiency – achievement of optimum result of procurements: timely acquisition of equipment and materials, works and services in the required quantity, with optimum balance of quality and cost of purchase;

  • Fairness – ensuring equally objective and fair attitude to potential contractors;

  • Competitiveness– procurement based on competitive bidding through bids comparison versus the approved criteria and selection of the best proposal;

  • Publicity – use of public information sources and state-of-the-art technologies for procurement activities;

  • Transparency – use of uniform principles, substantiation and documenting decisions in the process of procurements, application of internal system of the decisions implementation monitoring.

In the course of procurement activities, NIPIGAS strives to conform superlative ethical standards, Russian and international laws, legal provisions and requirements. Company follows the Corporate Policy in the field of occupational safety and environment protection, industrial safety and quality.

All the participants involved in the procurement activities shall observe principles of good faith, confidence, and competence. Only market and open trade technologies are applied. Any means of enforcement or leverage are prohibited. All information concerning procurements, including prices and other terms and conditions of contracts is confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third party.

Qualification of contractors and procurement procedures take place at the special marketplace This website allows implementing all procurement processes based on "one contact" principle, in on-line mode, and within a common interface.

Bids/proposals on materials and equipment supply should be forwarded to

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