Electronic Marketplace hosting NIPIGAS procurements:

B2B (go to the  page) — marketplace (procurement of materials and equipment, works and services, qualification)

Search is available without registration

B2B-Center (go to the  page) —supporting electronic facility (procurement of materials and equipment, works and services)

SAP SRM (перейти по page) — new website, currently under development. To register at SAP SRM, click the  link.

Qualification procedures for B2B are available in section «Qualification Instructions»)

Portals https://b2b.sibur.ruhttps://www.b2b-center.ruhttps://srm.sibur.ru, re official specialized on-line market sites used by JSC NIPIGAS” for procurements.

Third parties’ copying of NIPIGAS information/promotional materials, related to the company procurement activities, at other websites and other Internet resources (“Other resources”) as well as use of such material do not create any commitments or liability for NIPIGAS; NIPIGAS has no connections to such Other resources.

NIPIGAS makes no representations or warranties of fidelity, completeness, accuracy or relevance of information from other resources, and shall not be liable for possible losses and other negative consequences, which may arise for the Other resources users through using information available thereon.

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