NIPIGAS caring about its clients and employees

Today the whole world has tough time - pandemic has an impact on all the industries. However, NIPIGAS never suspended its operations in the ambitious projects entrusted to it. The focal point of our Company is business priorities of our Clients, highest quality and safety assurance.

From the very first days of the new corona virus infection, we make every effort to ensure uninterruptible operations, efficient liaison between employees, company, clients and personnel, clients and contractor representatives’ occupational guarantees.

NIPIGAS follows the recommendations issued by Rospotrebnadzor, WHO, regional authorities’ requirements. It also introduces its own preventive actions to ensure personnel safety both in the company offices, and project sites.

We have introduced unprecedented measures in our project implementation locations changing the operating mode to “closed loop” system. We suspended new contractor personnel arrival, arranged observation wards in case of respiratory symptoms, and continuous personnel health monitoring. Personnel accommodation and work stations are fully disinfected, social distancing is respected. Personnel testing has been launched.

Central and West Siberian offices temporarily switched to remote work. To date, over 3 000 NIPIGAS specialists in Moscow, Krasnodar, Tyumen, Tobolsk engaged in engineering, management, procurements, planning, risk management and other disciplines, operating from home sustain high efficiency driven by our Company digital infrastructure.

All our actions today focused on mitigating corona virus situation impacts on projects implementation and achieving top results.

We continue working for you caring for our personnel safety.