Health, Safety, Environment (HSE)

NIPIGAS priority in its activities is life and health of its personnel and all the parties concerned as well as environmental protection with respect to its operational deliverables. Most sites where our Company operates are potentially hazardous. Hence occupational safety and environmental protection is one of our priorities.

Our Company deems HSE Management system as an integral element of efficient operational process control, and commits to manage the operational risks affecting our personnel lives and health as well as contractors’ personnel, Clients’ assets, our own property, and environment.

To improve safety in all NIPIGAS facilities, injury rate reduction programs are introduced for the Company personnel and contractor companies, injury risk assessment programs are implemented in operations. Special attention paid to the procedures covering health, occupational safety, and environmental protection during engineering. Meeting requirements helps to both protect company personnel and environment, and capture these requirements in the future facilities.

JSC NIPIGAS special work conditions assessment:

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